Customer service

How are our products packed before shipping? Due to the fragile nature of our products, we pack them with a lot of love. The item is placed in its gift box and is surrounded by ecological packing chips until the box is completely filled. Your pet is now ready for a safe trip! By the way: if you put the packing chips in water they will dissolve!


Are the Pomme pidou pets water resistant? No. As a matter of fact, the Pomme pidou animals hate water! If you let your animal drown in water, the print might come off or fade. Neither should you leave them outside in rainy weather! You wouldn’t do that to an actual animal neither, would you?

Can I put my Pomme pidou in (direct) sunlight? Just like real animals, the Pomme pidou pets don’t enjoy too much sunlight. So instead of having a sunburn like we do, the colour of your Pomme pidou animal fades and gets lighter if he/she stands in the sun for too long.

Why does my Pomme pidou item look different? Due to the fact that every item is handmade, every item is unique and small irregularities may occur.

Did something go wrong during payment? Before you place a new order please check your bank account. Did you actually pay but you didn't receive a confirmation e-mail? Please contact us. The Pomme pidou team will help you get your order on the way as soon as possible. 

Can I cooperate with Pomme pidou? Of course! We are always happy to get to know new and exciting Pomme pidou ambassadors. Please contact us.

How can I contact Pomme pidou? You can contact us or in the footer of our website you can find our telephone number for really urgent questions.

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